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Posted 3/9/20

MARCH 2020


Hello Aviators, 


As we look forward to the new season, Newspaper wants you to take a look back at February and tell you what’s in store for March on Aviator News!!


February was Black History month and Newspaper made sure to highlight the incredible African American men and women who have broken barriers. Learn more about African-American poets from this article: “Black History Month-Poets”. Learn about Langston Hughes, James Baldwin, Jacqueline Woodson, and one of the most adored lyricists Tupac. 


African-Americans haven’t always been embraced by the film industry; however, Hollywood has been more welcoming to black actors and actresses as of late. Blockbusters like Black Panther and Harriet proved that movies with African American leads can become massive hits. Check out the article “Top Movies with a Strong Black Cast” if you're looking for recommendations. 


Now looking forward!! Newspapers have got many exciting articles and comics in store for March. March is National Women’s Month and we want to highlight that. Look forward to articles about strong females that have made their mark in history. We have articles about women in male dominated fields such as Science, Mathematics, and Literature in the coming weeks, so be on the lookout for that!!


We’ve also got a NEW episode of Aviator Overview on the website, make sure to watch!!!  







Check out the updated Aviator News website. The website is full of heartfelt love stories, opinion articles, and informative news articles, as well as our podcast “Aviator Overview.”


Any hopeless romantics? Well, check out “Sufriendo en La Espera de Verte Llegar”. Learn about the beautiful long lasting love story between Johanna N 's grandparents. It is an absolutely inspiring love story we all hope to have one day.


The Australian wildfires have been all over the news for the past few months, and AviatorNews has an extremely illuminating article explaining the horrific bushfires and the impact it's had on the wildlife. 


There are also many intriguing opinion articles, such as “LA Feedback Film Festival: Romance and Drama.”


If you’re into comics, we have tons of incredible comics drawn by our talented staff. There are comics about Valentines Day and various others.


Finally, if you're curious to know whether you're more like President Obama or Beyonce, take our newest personality quiz in honor of African American History Month.


Stay tuned to find more articles about Black History month. Articles will feature impactful African American musicians, artists, authors, and leaders that have shaped American history.


There is something for everyone on Aviator News. So make sure to check it out.




Sophia Morris

English 10 HMSA