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Mindi Siegler Locker

Mindi Siegler


Alma Mater: Chapman University (graduate school), UC Riverside (undergrad)
Major: English 
Degrees: PhD; Master's of Arts-Teaching (Ma.T); Bachelor's of Arts-English (B.A.-English)
Hometown: Yorba Linda, CA
First Job: Camp Counselor


Common Core English I
Phone: 310-973-8184
Fax: 310-973-8167

Hawthorne, California 90250

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Common Core English I

directions for JSP who will be a better leader revision opportunity


If you are interested in earning back up to half the points you missed on your Animal Farm "who will be a better leader" jsp, then you will need to revise and submit it to me by the beginning of your period on Weds Nov 14 (odds)/Thurs Nov 15th (evens)-WHICH IS THE SAME DUE DATE AS YOUR AF FINAL JSP. This revision will not be submitted to MUST BE SUBMITTED TO ME BY THE BEGINNING OF YOUR PERIOD ON THE DATE LISTED.


Please note that you will NOT earn back any points if you do not staple your revised copy ON TOP OF your original copy that has the rubric with your original score on it. 


In order for you to earn back any points, you must look at the feedback and the rubric, and possibly come see me if necessary. DO NOT EMAIL ME ASKING TO READ YOUR PAPER ONLINE! 


Also, this means having a second or third person (or even a fourth!) read over your work and give you honest have multiple resources on campus, but you need to respect their time. These resources have been informed to not help you if you wait until the last minute or are being rude/aggressive when asking for help. Remember, they have other work that needs to get done and they are doing you a HUGE favor helping not abuse this opportunity.


Just to clarify, if you choose to do the revision, you are aware that you are only earning back UP TO half the points you missed. So if you originally earned a 12/20, then you missed 8 points and can only earn UP TO 4 points back...but that doesn't not mean you will automatically earn back the 4 points. Just fixing the small things I commented on will only earn you a few points back...not all of them (that is where seeking out help better your chances of earning back the points). 

common core english semester 1 midterm study guide


Be sure to print out the midterm study guide and bring it in on Tues Oct 16th (odds)/Weds Oct 17th (evens)

App for your textbook


To use the BouncePages app (the textbook app that provides videos, audios of the short stories, information about the author, etc.), please do the following:


download the Pearson BouncePages App from your app store (it is FREE)


Aim the camera so the FULL page is easily viewable on your screen. you may need to flatten the textbook page so that whole page is viewable.


TAP the screen to scan the entire front page


BOUNCE the pages to life by clicking on your BouncePages program icon.




tutoring hours

Semester 1 tutoring hours:

M: 3-4pm

T: 3-4pm

W: by appointment only

Th: 3-4pm

F: by appointment only


REMEMBER: tutoring can be canceled for any reason!

Current Assignments

homework due Weds Nov 14 (odds)/homework due Thurs Nov 15th (evens)

Work on your AF final JSP

Follow all deadlines/due dates.


Study for the AF final exam-NEXT CLASS (Weds-Odds/Thurs-evens) 100 questions 200 points

Attached are two study materials

Assigned: 11/11/18 Category: Assignment Points: 0 Due: 11/15/18