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Senior Elective Requests

The course request link for the Class of 2020 for the 2019-2020 school year can be found by clicking here

Student log-in required. Do not allow another student to use your log-in. 


Elective Courses Available:


Exploring Computer Science

AP Computer Science (students should have attended the AP Comp Sci meeting earlier this year)

Anthropology Series

Senior PE (not for PFT fails or making up F grades in PE)

AP Spanish




When selecting courses, students should be mindful of graduation requirements and A-G requirements


To graduate from HMSA, students must earn a minimum of 230 specific credits in the following areas:

30        History/Social Science                        10        Visual & Performing Arts

40        English                                                   5        Health

40        Mathematics                                          5        Computers

40        Lab Science                                         20        Physical Education

30        Foreign Language                                10        Elective