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Is HMSA a private or public school?

HMSA is a public school that has built its curriculum around the A – G requirements and the California high school graduation standards.


Does HMSA have boundaries?

HMSA accepts students from all over Los Angeles County


Is HMSA an independent or dependent charter school?

HMSA is a dependent charter school. We are dependent on the Hawthorne School District (HSD). HSD has been in existence and functioning since the early part of the 1900’s.


How can I get my child in?

Families of incoming 9th grade students are encouraged to attend an informational presentation during the fall before enrolling in HMSA to learn more about the school and ask questions about our school’s programs.  Interested students submit the student application within the acceptance window.  Once accepted, students will take a placement exam in math and Spanish, and then the family orientation interview follows.  Accepted 9th grade students will also have the opportunity to participate in the summer school math program and the summer bridge orientation program.


What makes HMSA a Math & Science school?

HMSA is a charter high school that emphasizes four years of math & science for every student. Students must take four years of math that includes at least Geometry, Algebra II and either Pre-calculus or Trigonometry. Students must also take fours years of laboratory science that includes Biology and Chemistry. Students still take the English, foreign language, history and electives.