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Multicultural Celebration

The Multicultural Celebration is an event that involves the whole HMSA family.  All students in the Spanish department contribute to the celebration by performing, modeling a traditional outfit representing a country, creating a work of art, or teaching a lesson to classmates.  The HMSA Multicultural is an annual event that highlights the ethnic and cultural backgrounds of HMSA students.  


The mission of the HMSA Multicultural Experience is to engage all students in learning, sharing and demonstrating the fine arts, traditional attire, food and celebrations of the cultures represented at HMSA.  We believe that by showing interest in and respect for all cultures we create a stronger school environment where all students feel accepted by and connected to their fellow students and the world we all share.   


EACH student enrolled in the Spanish program at HMSA must participate in the celebration in some way.  


WHERE: Hawthorne Math and Science Academy

WHEN: Friday, April 3, 2020 -  6:00-9:00 PM


Please download the attached file for more information.

Multicultural 2020.pdf (PDF)