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Aviator News is Baaaaaack!
Posted 10/29/21

As October comes to a close, HMSA's Aviator News is back full swing with a new set of articles -- from a spooky quiz to a one-on-one interview with our new security guard, you'll never want to stop reading! 


As the Haitian Refugee Crisis heightens, Abiha Hasan has got you covered. Check out our News! 

  • Currently 15,000 Haitian Refugees are camped under the Del Rio Bridge in Texas and are being treated inhumanely– many comparing these refugees, people who have been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, and/or natural disasters, to slaves working the southern plantation fields...Read more

Want to read a scary story that'll chill your bones?! Make sure to check out Tarot Esparza's "Ghost Ride" in our Creative Writing section. 

  • I sat in my car outside of the airport, taking in the beautiful sight of early morning Guadalajara, Mexico. Although driving at night was quite unfortunate, my fear of driving late had gone due to the various timings my job had put me through...Read more

Have you ever wondered what scary monster would be your friend? Or how teachers struggled during digital learning? Or maybe you want to get to know our new security guard -- Mr. Cifuentes! If so, make sure to read our Features articles: 

  • Find who your spooky friend is this Halloween...Read more
  • Transitioning into an online schooling system was surely an immense change for all students, but what about the teachers? How did online schooling have an impact on our teachers and their ability to teach kids through a computer screen...Read more
  • Looks like HMSA has got a new person at school, so let’s welcome Mr. Cifuentes! As you may know, he is the new security guard that recently started working here. Some Aviators think he’s scary and intimidating, when in reality⁠, it’s the exact opposite...Read more