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Aviator News --> Check Out Our FIRST Issue of the Year!
Posted 11/8/22



The long awaited first issue of Aviator News for the 22-23 school year is finally here!


Queen Elizabeth II has died after reigning for over 70 years, to learn about her legacy and the future of the monarchy, read “The Death of Queen Elizabeth II” by Marco DiPierro.


To learn about the LA Dodgers performance, check out “The Dodgers’ 9th Division Win in 10 Seasons” by Christopher Mora.


Feeling enthusiastic, browse our assortment of pics from our recent Spirit Week.


Free dress is a controversial topic. For more information, read this interesting interview about school uniforms and dress codes with Vice Principal Dr. Mats by Uyi Isibor: Free Dress Q&A with Vice Principal Dr. Matsumoto .


Marvel has been under fire recently; read “The Diminishment of Marvel Movies” by Earl Coker to learn more about why!


Or, maybe you’re more of a comic book fan.  If so, Anthony Herrera’s recommendations on “A Comic Lover’s Top Picks” may be for you!


Want to learn to edit your own videos? Check out "Video Editing on Mobile for Beginners" by Buka Anaekwe.


Curious about what foods HMSA students prefer both in and out of school, take a peek at Jed Najera’s survey results in “HMSA Prefers Fries Over Chicken Sandwiches.” 


Delve into the mind of a procrastinator with our new cartoonist Brian Carson’s comic “It’s About These Two.”


Or, if you’d simply rather escape into fiction, read the first installments of “The Coveted Truth” by Daniel Villaroman and “The Brink”  by Osborne Lopez.


Finally, Check out our newest on Buzzfeed and find out what scary movie best suits you with Monserat Rangel’s “It's Spooky Season -- What Movie Best Fits Your Personality?”



Marco and the rest of the Newspaper staff


P.S. Stay tuned for our upcoming episode of Aviator Overview!