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NEW Aviator New Issue #4
Posted 2/14/23

(Sent on behalf of Newspaper Club)


The Aviator News’ first issue of the second semester is finally here!

--If you’re interested in getting to know a little more about Ms. Hardesty, read “Getting to Know Ms. Hardesty More Than You Already Do!” By Earl. 

--Bookworm and want to dive deeper into the craft? Then, check out “Breaking Down the Different Book Tropes” by Silina.

--Craving a fiction fix or a bit of humor, then try “New Year, New Me?” by Alexxa or “It’s About These Two Part 2” by Brian.

--Looking for motivation or inspiration, “How to Make a Vision Board” by Jackie or “Tips to Start a New Year” by Anthony may be for you.


Marco and the rest of the Newspaper staff!