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Community College Concurrent Enrollment

California high school students can concurrently enroll in community college courses for FREE! Students are required to pay for parking (if needed), course materials, books, and health fees. 

  • In general students should choose courses which allow you to explore your college major or personal interests and which are not offered at HMSA. 
  • Concurrent enrollment IS NOT FOR CREDIT RECOVERY. Community colleges have rules that prohibit students from taking courses in subject areas where the student has received a grade below "C," and actually grades of A's and B's in that subject area would be preferable. This rule establishes your preparedness to succeed in a college level course for that subject area. 
  • Credit courses are college courses and will remain on the student's permanent record even if the secondary school uses the coursework for high school credit. 

STEP 1: Complete an online Application for Admission and then return the completed Concurrent Enrollment Form to the colleges' admissions office. 

El Camino College Application for Admission

Los Angeles Southwest College Application for Admission

Santa Monica College Application for Admission

West LA College Application for Admission


STEP 2: Decide what course(s) you would like to take. Check the schedule of classes to see what dates & times the course will be offered. If a current schedule of classes is not yet posted, you can check the year prior - often schedules of classes do not change much from year to year.

El Camino College Schedule of Classes

Los Angeles Southwest Schedule of Classes

Santa Monica College Schedule of Classes

West LA College Schedule of Classes

STEP 3: Verify that your desired course(s) are A-G approved by visiting the UC Doorways website and that you have never received a grade lower than a "C" in that subject area. 


STEP 4: Print and complete the Concurrent/Dual Enrollment Form indicating the course(s) you would like to request and schedule a meeting with your counselor. Please allow 2 weeks for your counselors to return the form to you. 


El Camino College Concurrent Enrollment Form

Los Angeles Southwest College Concurrent Enrollment Form

Santa Monica College Concurrent Enrollment Form

West LA College Concurrent Enrollment Form


STEP 5: Submit your concurrent enrollment for to your HMSA counselor 2 weeks prior to the deadline. 

Concurrent/Dual Enrollment Submission Form

Summer 2021- Form will open on April 1st, 2020 and close on April 23rd, 2021

STEP 6:  Submit the form, copy of your transcript and for freshman (letter of recommendation) to Community College Admissions office. 

STEP 7: Register for classes online with community college approval. 


(Click link below to download PDF document - haga click en el enlace para descargar documento PDF)

CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT INFO MEETING   (Reunión de Información de Inscripción Concurrente)