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Counseling Home Page


School counselors are available to discuss students' concerns regarding
•    Academics (problems with schedule, struggling academically in a class)
•    Personal/Social (problems w/ another student, problems at home)
•    College & Career

All conversations are confidential except in these (3) cases:
1)    If you tell me you are going to hurt someone
2)    If you tell me you are going to hurt yourself
3)    If you tell me someone has or is hurting you or touching you inappropriately
In these cases it is important for counselors to get you the help you need which means discussing our concerns with your parents and/or other professionals. 


Office hours: Monday - Friday at lunch 11:40AM - 12:25PM

In the event that your counselor is not in, students are expected to sign in on the clipboard posted outside the door and your counselor will get back to you. 

Ms. Vazquez, Counselor: Last Names A-L
UC Berkeley: B.A. Ethnic Studies & Sociology (double major)
New York University: M.A. Guidance and Counseling: Bilingual School Counseling
First job: Pizza Hut, the one right across the street from HMSA, during my Senior year in HS


Mr. Valdivia, Counselor: Last Names M-Z

San Diego Christian College: B.A Psychology 

National University: M.Ed.School Counseling

First job: Express Clothing


Ms. Jordan, Transition Specialist
Hope College (Holland, MI): B.A. Spanish
Azusa Pacific University:  M.Ed. Second Language Acquisition 
Additional graduate course work completed at UCLA, CSUDH, University of Granada (Spain)
University of Costa Rica
First Job: Cotton candy maker at King's Island Amusement Park


Ms. Bouras, School Psychologist

UC Santa Barbara:  B.A. Psychology & Sociology (double major)

CSU Northridge:  M.A. Psychology: School Psychology

First job:  After school playground leader