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Physics Car Race January 2013


For their first semester project in Physics, students built cars using everyday materials to race down a two meter ramp to a finish line four meters past the ramp. In each period, students raced against their peers until a final winner was determined. Additionally, the best car design winners were determined among all the classes for the most creative car designs.

Congratulations to the winners for all the winners for all their hard work and for being exceptional scientists!


Physics Car Race Winners:


Period 1 

David S.

Jordan M.


Period 3

Katherine C.

Giovanna F.


Period 4

Jose G.


Period 5 

Jocelyn D.

Nancy R.



Winners for Best Car Design:

First place – Jessica P., Natalie H.

Second Place- Erick R., Brenda B.

Third Place – Steve M., Luis G.