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Contact member of staff by email by clicking on the envelope icon next to the name. Click on name to link to teacher's webpage.

Contact Maria Anzures  Maria Anzures School Secretary
Contact George Atanga  George Atanga Chemistry Teacher
Contact Pilar Bayani  Pilar Bayani Mathematics - Calculus AB & BC / Pre-Calculus Teacher
Contact Esau Berumen  Esau Berumen Principal
Contact Meredith Brandon  Meredith Brandon Environmental Science Teacher
Contact Juana Bravo  Juana Bravo (310) 973-8184 Teacher, Spanish I & III
Contact Martha Castellanos  Martha Castellanos Assistant Principal
Contact Carlos Cornejo  Carlos Cornejo Computer Technician
Contact Ricardo De La Torre  Ricardo De La Torre Main Custodian
Contact Marco Duran  Marco Duran (310) 973-8184 ex: 41501 Health/Drivers Ed/Economics/Entrepreneurship
Contact K.C. Ellis  K.C. Ellis Speech-Language Pathologist
Contact Megan Enger  Megan Enger English III and AP Literature Teacher
Contact Maribel Garcia  Maribel Garcia Foreign Language - Spanish Literature/Spanish Native Speaker I Teacher
Contact Danny Highducheck  Danny Highducheck US History Teacher
Contact Rob Ickes  Rob Ickes (310) 973-8184 Biology Teacher
Contact Chris Jahnke  Chris Jahnke English IV and AP Language Teacher
Contact Stacy Jefferson  Stacy Jefferson Athletics Director
Contact Deanna Jordan  Deanna Jordan Teacher - Spanish II, Special Projects
Contact Youngsook Kang  Youngsook Kang Visual Arts/AP Two Dimensional Art Teacher
Contact David Kim  David Kim Physics Teacher
Contact David Kircher  David Kircher Physical Education Specialist
Contact Victoria Kratz  Victoria Kratz Special Projects
Contact Susan Latigay  Susan Latigay Mathematics - Teacher
Contact Randy Launius  Randy Launius Social Science - US Government; Economics; Cultural Anthropology; Biological A
Contact James Lebouf  James Lebouf Resource Teacher
Contact Davin Maddox  Davin Maddox Mathematics - Geometry / Precalculus
Contact Rindy Mahoney  Rindy Mahoney Health Clerk
Contact Patricia Mendoza  Patricia Mendoza Foreign Language - Spanish Native Speaker I Teacher
Contact Sophia Morris  Sophia Morris English II & Honors English II Teacher
Contact Juanita Navas  Juanita Navas Office Manager
Contact Zelma Pereira  Zelma Pereira Mathematics - Teacher
Contact Jennifer Pham  Jennifer Pham Computer Science Teacher
Contact Pedro Rodriguez  Pedro Rodriguez Custodian I
Contact Paul Severns  Paul Severns Physical Ed Teacher
Contact Gina Sharpe  Gina Sharpe Social Science - World History Teacher
Contact Mindi Siegler  Mindi Siegler English I Teacher
Contact Juan Valdivia  Juan Valdivia ex: 41612 School Counselor
Contact Jessica Vazquez  Jessica Vazquez School Counselor
Contact Julie Vidal  Julie Vidal School Psychologist